All my life I had big dreams
To do big things and make a change
And all the while I just passed by the simple needs
Right here next to me
‘Cause there’s a breaking heart
That’s falling apart and tear-filled eyes
Looking back at me
God, won’t You help me to see

It’s a prayer in an empty room
Little things we do when nobody’s around
A hand reaching out
To a heart in doubt
It’s the smallest spark
That can light the dark

That’s how you change the world …

A million little drops of rain
Can be enough to cause a tidal wave
A flood of Your love that no one can contain
‘Cause there’s an empty soul that wants to be known
Around me now that I can lead to You
Revealing love that won’t refuse

It’s the kind words
A simple smile
More than showing up
Going the extra mile
It’s giving everything
When you’ve got nothing left
Sharing a little hope
With a single breath
That’s how you change the world
That’s how you change the world


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